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Gym membership advice and information

It's a nightmare scenario……… gym membership looks expensive, you want to get fit but you don't want to sign up for a minimum of a year whether it's cheap gym membership or not. What can you do? Unfortunately there's no easy answer.

Most gym memberships from the leading health clubs (and even some independents) require some sort of financial commitment, but don't rush into it, otherwise you will end up locked into an expensive contract with no way out.

Gym membership can too often turn out bad. At the majority of gyms you will have to pay a membership or joining fee and then monthly or annual instalments. So before spending some of that hard earned cash make sure the gym is right for you.

You should shop around when searching for gym memberships as ultimately you want to get your money's worth. Too many people sign up and then drop out after a few months, wasting a significant amount of money.

Don't simply join a gym because it is the closest one to you or because your friend said it was good. These are important factors but take careful consideration to look at what facilities it has and how these will help you achieve your fitness goals. Gyms can differ greatly so we would recommend you try them out before you make your decision. Many gyms have 'free trial offers' which are a great option allowing you to test out the atmosphere and facilities before hand.

So if you are serious about getting in shape, shop around, try a few gyms out, and make sure it has the right facilities for you so that you don't end up out of pocket!

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