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Boxing Gyms & Training

Coming soon near you, boxing gyms training is one of the best sports to take up if you want to get in shape. It provides a brilliant workout and teaches you a skill that can help increase self confidence and esteem. Boxing gyms offer training that's the perfect combination of a cardiovascular and muscular workout.

You'll burn calories, increase your stamina and tone and develop your muscles faster than many other training methods. It provides a whole body workout as you use your upper and lower body and also uses large muscle groups so the risk of overuse injury is relatively small.

Boxing training is suitable for all ages but is seen as a great way to get youngsters in shape and learn discipline and self-control. It may also unearth the next Hatton, Calzaghe or Kahn!

There are probably quite a few local boxing gyms, so with a little help you should be able to find one near you and take advantage of the many fitness benefits.

Boxing training typically involves sparring, pad and bag work but there are many other aspects to it. Boxers need to be strong, quick and have excellent stamina. Skipping is a great exercise that many boxers do as it provides a cardiovascular workout and also improves co-ordination.

For those looking to achieve the fitness benefits of boxing without stepping in the ring, many personal trainers or gyms will run boxercise classes. This will give you a good introduction to the sport, get you in great shape and help relieve some stress.

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