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“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home”- Edith Sitwell
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How To Prepare Your Wood Burning Stove For Winter Ads Get Read Articles
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How To Prepare Your Wood Burning Stove For Winter

How To Prepare Your Wood Burning Stove For Winter

How To Prepare Your Wood Burning Stove For Winter

As the season switches from summer to winter, it is time to inspect the heating system. Over the centuries, the Wood-Burning Stove has been a convenient and reliable choice for producing House Warmth. There are a few important points which need to be considered while preparing your Wood Stoves for winter.

Wood Burning Stove

Clean the Stove– Remember, the wood burning stove has been idle for quite some time. It is obvious to have dust, bird nests, and creosote in the flue. Embark on a cleaning mission with whatever preliminary cleaning you could do with available resources. In warmer seasons, some people make use of the wood stoves as an extended storage space. Do check for the condition of stove for loss of any spares or structural damage.

Hire a chimney sweep– Next step is to get the chimney swept by a professional. Last winter has probably left the flue with creosote. Creosote is the result of wood burnt all over the season, which is flammable. It must be removed while preparing the wood stoves for winter. It is necessary to get a professional to do so as they are well versed in chimney operations.

wood burning stove

Check Damper Condition– Damper is a device, used to block off the air flow going out. Put a damper in an open position when starting the stove. Precautionary measures must be taken as you can’t compromise checking it’s working condition. Dysfunctional damper can cause over fire or under fire. Also,your wood stove might consume more fuel than it needs to, and in some cases, send most of the excess heat generated, straight out through the flue system.

Get the Wood Stove inspected– As these are the fireplaces, the Wood Stoves are entitled for causing potential health hazards. The Home Insurance and a Wood Stove inspection by a certified inspector are interdependent.Get it checked and be safe on legal front. Safety comes first. You must meet the minimum clearance from the wood stove in all the directions. Standard distance is already in place and you must achieve the same.

Get the cords– Estimate the cords you would need this winter. It is okay to get an extra portion of wood. It is winter, and you don’t want to take chances. Also, it’s good to refresh your basics and choose the right wood available in the market. Hardwood and Softwood are the two major types which are further classified in to more detailed types. Know the pros and cons of both.

Finishing Touches– Now that you have all the things checked, spend few times in painting and improving the aesthetic appearance of wood stove London. A fireplace is a treat to eye which assures warmth and coziness. Avoid keeping any flammable items nearby. While assuring warmth to your family, keep safety first, on your mind.

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