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VIP World Medical provides global patients the treatment in USA and worldwide, best Medical Second Opinion and Medical Consultation service. Contact us today and get a free quote.
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Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Treatment in USA and Worldwide! Medical Consultation


8 Reasons Patients Need to Choose VIP World Medical for Treatment or Surgery in Mexico


Second Opinion

Medical Tourism

Treatment in USA

Medical Consultation

In recent years, Mexico has been a popular destination for US and Canada residents seeking health care. Its proximity to the United States and the relatively low travel costs, have been drawing Americans and Canadians. According to Patients beyond Borders, the country attracts more than a million foreign patients a year. International patients in Mexico are offered their own private room and face-to-face personal interaction with their doctor or surgeon. Hospitals and clinics are equipped with up-to-date technology, well-trained doctors and 'on-hand' medical staff to cater to all types of medical tourists. More and more patients are suffering from misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and unnecessary surgery which bring great pain and injury to patients worldwide. So seeking second opinion can help patients make the right decisions about their health. 

Remote medical advice is that the well-known physicians provide further diagnosis of the patient's disease and make treatment recommendations for patients and their domestic treating physicians with the modern tools. Patients just upload their medical records and test reports to our patient management system platform. The physicians can login the patient management system (password protected) and review patient’s medical records. The consultants will make specific and detailed reports in 3-5 business days. Patients can enjoy the diagnosis and treatment advice written by leading experts worldwide without travel. VIP World Medical’s consultants provide patients the diagnostic advices and treatment recommendations. These experts provide you comprehensive, professional, appropriate diagnosis and treatment advice based on your medical records. 

Who are suitable for remote consultation? 

Remote consultation can help patients break through geographical and language limitation and maximize global medical resource sharing. Patients can take advantage of the world's most advanced diagnostic tools and experiences of top consultants. In general, patients with the following conditions will be suitable for remote consultation to get a "second medical opinion". 

• Patients who have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and hope to be confirmed by other experts; 
• The diagnosis was not confirmed or the diseases are incurable in their home countries; 
• Patients are not sure if the current surgery or treatments are the best solutions or not; 
• Patients who are not satisfied with the previous treatments or the therapeutic effect is not ideal; 
• The diagnosis and treatment plans are different from domestic hospitals; 
• Hope to receive the latest or ideal treatment solutions from top medical experts. 

Mexico is among the popular destinations for cosmetic surgery, dental services/surgery and general plastic surgery. Mexican hospitals have become popular lately for bariatric surgery for weight loss. This is an elective procedure which is not covered by some US insurers. The following are the popular treatments sought by medical tourists in Mexico: cosmetic surgery, dentistry, aesthetic procedures, hip replacement, knee replacement, orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery, eye surgery, cardiac surgery, etc. It is a global health care center that offers a full range of specialties and procedures in direct competition with those offered in developed countries.

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Treatment in USA

Medical Treatment Worldwide


Highlights or advantages of medical tourism in Mexico include: 1. Distance:  The proximity of Mexico to United States and Canada make it a clear choice for American and Canadian residents for their health care needs. Travel expenses are low and make it easy for patients to travel back and forth. 2. Quality: According to the World Health Organization, Mexican private hospitals are usually similar in quality and care to those in the United States. 3. Prices: The prices in Mexico can be between 50% and 75% lower than that of US average costs. 4. Language: High rate of fluency in English among doctors. 5. Insurance coverage: Increasing number of insurers providing coverage for travelers, as out-of-pocket costs are much lower. 6. Culture: Like most Latin American countries, Mexico has an overall friendly and family-oriented culture. 7. Waiting times: Waiting times in Mexico are not a problem and are generally non-existent. 8. Climate: The wonderful climate deems it conducive to recovery.

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