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The information about SCADA systems is fully explained, but it is not worth to make use of it until and unless, you are aware of the components and their correct usage.
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sielcosistemi on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 10:05:37, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]

The information about SCADA systems is fully explained, but it is not worth to make use of it until and unless, you are aware of the components and their correct usage. The list of the entire components forms SCADA with perfection are as follows:

  • Human machine interface.
  • Supervisory system.
  • Remote terminal units.
  • Programmable logic controllers.
  • Communication infrastructures.

About Scada

  • HMI or Human machine interface: The first and the foremost component forming the SCADA systems is HMI. It processes data from the tag and send to human operator so that it can monitor and control the entire system.
  • The second component is Supervisory system gathers the data which is sent from every tag and send the command or different operations to various processes.
  • The third component is Remote terminal units or RTU which converts and connects the signals to digital data and sends back to the supervisory system. This connection is formed for storing the distribution database.
  • The fourth component amongst SCADA system is a PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers which are used as field devices. They are used in this way because they are highly versatile and, economic in range as compared to the RTU.
  • Fifth and the last component are Communication infrastructures. This element is used for delivering the connectivity to supervisory system, RTU as well as to PLC for making command. This element is extremely needed for relaying the data via PLC as well as RTU. They are used for running along water supply, electric grid, and different sorts of pipelines. This element is highly required in the entire SCADA system. It helps in easy operations and manage communication from Human machine interface to Remote terminal units and further to Programmable logic controllers which easily determines the success of the entire SCADA systems.


  • Performance Optimization: Though there are N number of electric, power, and water companies, still manual labor is used at large. The manual labor includes adjustments as well as measurements and all these tasks are done with SCADA. The use of the automatic technology, labor cost can easily cut down. It is believed that SCADA is just a system and nothing else. However, this system is extremely complex to use. By using this system one can cut down manual labor like alarm system, redundancy adjustments, and backup.
  • Amalgamation of SCADA with Cloud Computing: SCADA system if compiled with Cloud computing then it will provide accurate results. This will provide ease when it is to resolve complex algorithms. You cannot use such algorithms with an RTU and PLC.
  • Security: SCADA does not provide secure connectivity when it comes to providing in public networks. There are several standards for seeking security to SCADA platform.

The author James describes entirely about the components of SCADA system for avoiding any confusion. The complete details help in removing all sorts of hurdles when things are implemented. Thus SCADA systems are important to review in detail prior all components are used. The Author would like to acknowledge how this technically advanced software is better than manual labor.

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