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When you are looking at accessories made from leather, you need to ensure that the material will last for some time.
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PU Or PVC Bracelet Accessories Ads Get Read Articles
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PU Or PVC Bracelet Accessories

PU Or PVC Bracelet Accessories

PU Or PVC Bracelet Accessories

When you are looking at accessories made from leather, you need to ensure that the material will last for some time. Usually faux leather is the material that is used in making leather based accessories. Besides items like shoes, belts and jackets today faux leather is used in making fashion accessories like leather bracelets. There are several types of faux leather that are available in the market. It is necessary to know the kind of faux leather you purchase so that you can take care of the items accordingly.

Types of faux leather

When it comes to faux leather or leather that is man-made, there are two main types, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride. The first type or PVC is usually plasticized and dyed to turn it into different colored bands or straps. These are then used as single layered bracelets that come with adornments or with ornamental stitches. The second type, also known as PU leather, is coated with fabric or with polyester. That helps create versatile looks out of this leather material. It also becomes pliable like fabric and is ideal when thin band straps need to be created. These two types of faux leather are popular in the making of leather bracelets.

How to treat such accessories?

Though both kinds of faux leather are used in the making of leather based accessories like bracelets, PU leather is usually a softer material that finds popular usage in the designing of different leather bracelets. If you are shopping for online jewelry you will be able to find different kinds of faux leather based accessories. It is best that you keep such items or accessories away from direct water or sprays. Moisture or wet conditions will spoil such material faster. Even if such leather straps or bands come in direct contact with water, it is important that you wipe them off with a dry cloth. Usually faux leather items do not need any maintenance effort, but need to be kept away from water or sprays.

Versatile designs

The growing popularity of faux leather items and accessories is due to the different kinds of textures, prints and colors that can be created on such items. When you wish to add on different kinds of bracelets to your wardrobe, you will get to explore different designs at any online jewelry store. Such items are also priced cheap as faux leather is cheaper than real leather. With PU based leather items you can be sure of maintenance free and versatile designs that can help you get creative with your wardrobe.

All you need to do is explore the different kinds of leather based accessories that are advertised in online stores these days. With different metallic clasps, attachments, beads and elastic bands the leather bands turn into interesting accessories for men and women alike. These are ways you can plan to accessorize different kinds of clothing and purchase several items at attractive prices online.

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