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We are all familiar with the term “customer experience”. It is the result of any interaction or engagement a customer has had with a brand.
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virtualassistant on Monday, February 12, 2018, 05:14:54, 10 Months Ago, Comments [0]

We are all familiar with the term “customer experience”. It is the result of any interaction or engagement a customer has had with a brand. As consumers, we have all had good or bad customer experiences in our daily lives. Whether it be the efficient and friendly waitress at the local coffee shop, or an inattentive bank teller, we all have many stories to tell about our interactions with service providers.

In a highly digital world with increasing transparency and the growing influence of a young workforce, employees now expect a productive, engaging, and enjoyable work experience. This demand has given rise to what is coined as “The Employee Experience”. This phenomenon has forced HR professionals to shift their focus from basic employee engagement and culture, to the employee’s experience at the company as a whole. Companies are expected to not only engage with their employees, buy they’re expected to inspire and empower them and give them beautiful workspaces that can make them feel good about themselves and their work.

This experience takes centre stage from when a candidate is applying for a job, to their interview all through to their exit interview. Employers are starting to value the importance of giving their staff a wholesome experience whilst at their company. The employee experience brings together all aspects that have may impact people on the job. Everything from the food they eat, to the technologies they use, to the workspaces they are subjected to, is of importance when building the employee experience. This new HR practice sees the shift of power from employers to employees. Gone are the days when customer experience was the most important aspect of running a business. The world is realising that employees are the most important spokespeople for any company. Their experiences matter just as much, if not more, than any customer’s experience. Furthermore, a happy employee will always result in a happy client.

If you are a start-up entrepreneur or even an established business person, it is vital that you consider putting the employee experience at the forefront if you want to your business to reach optimal success. Visit

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