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If you have planned to take dry suit diving in Iceland's famous Silfra fissures, and not aware about how to take this kind of dive, then it is best to take the training for diving in a dry suit.
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divingislandsilfra on Monday, February 12, 2018, 05:13:35, 10 Months Ago, Comments [0]

If you have planned to take dry suit diving in Iceland's famous Silfra fissures, and not aware about how to take this kind of dive, then it is best to take the training for diving in a dry suit. You must be amazed to know that there is a huge difference between diving wearing a wetsuit on the dry suit. The differences are here

  • Warmth

This is one of the most common reasons for people picking dry suit diving. And when it comes to diving in Iceland, then it becomes the first choice of people, because the water at Silfra remains cold all through the year. The temperature of water here remains between 2-4 degree. So, now when talk about the dry suit and warmth, then it is would be a surprise for you that neither a wetsuit nor the dry suit keeps you warm. All that the dry suit does is, slow down the amount of heat loss during the dive. Dry suits take the use of air and a combination of undergarments. It does not allow the water to take away the heat once the seal is lost and left to flush it through the suit. The option of adding insulation to slow down the body heat also remains with the dry suits unlike the wet one.

  • Buoyancy

Dry suits permit the diver to add some air and compensate for the enhanced pressure at depth. As the wetsuit compresses, it gets thinner and loses insulating capacity. The dry suit does not get thinner even after compression.

  • Weighting

Snorkelling in Iceland or driving in dry suit can be a no problem, if the diver learns how to handle weight. In-fact, it is easier for divers to dive in a dry suit.

  • Varying conditions

The dry suit can be worn inboard hot water as well as cold water. It is flexible and durable and can be used in a number of ways. Moreover, if compare the price of dry suit with other diving suits, then it is quite less expensive and offer lot more comfort.

So, these are the advantages of diving in dry suit. However, it is important to note here that while diving in dry suit or Snorkelling in Iceland in a dry suit, you should take the training from experts. In Iceland you can find the expert trainers for this. And it is recommended that you do the pre-booking of the training program, if you have any such plan in your mind.

The Iceland is the place that has a number of natural resources that gives pleasing adventurous time for the tourist. This is the reason that every year thousands of tourists come to this place to witness its beauty. Diving is also one of the reasons for the tourists flow in the country.

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