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Traffic lights are useful devices employed in pedestrian crossings or road intersections to manage the vehicular traffic & keep pedestrians secure. They’re exceedingly helpful for orderly & continuous movement of vehicles.
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LED Traffic Lights – A Cost Effective & Environment Friendly Substitute to Traditional Halogen Light Ads Get Read Articles
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Traffic lights are useful devices employed in pedestrian crossings or road intersections to manage the vehicular traffic & keep pedestrians secure. They’re exceedingly helpful for orderly & continuous movement of vehicles & pedestrians throughout heavy traffic over the road. Traffic signal lights play an important part in controlling the heavy traffic during peak hours without the need of a traffic police officer. Contemporary traffic lights came into existence from the early twentieth century.
There’re 3 phase & 4 phase traffic lights in use. Usually, a traffic sign system features 3 lights. A green lamp on the foot of the signal light stack shows the traffic to carry on: a yellow lamp in the center informs the traffic to slow & ready to stop; and a red lamp on the summit to warn the traffic to stop.
Earlier, traffic lights used to come equipped with halogen lamps. These traffic lamps use a great deal of power. However, with the introduction of light emitting diodes, the conventional traffic signs were being substituted by LED traffic lights. The prime benefit of LED traffic signal is that they’re much brighter than the traditional traffic lights and they save considerable power and have longer lifetime. In fact, they use 85% less power compared to the incandescent lamps. Relying upon the size & color, they use between eight and 25 watts of power. However, in case of incandescent or halogen lamps, their power consumption is between 67 and 150 watts.
Furthermore LED traffic signs on road produce fewer hazards to the environment in comparison to their halogen counterpart. Though the initial cost of LED light is a bit higher but their long term savings outweighs this small disadvantage.
Majority of the advanced LED traffic lamps have several extra benefits over incandescent traffic lamps. Unlike typical incandescent lamps, they don’t use reflectors. They’re more visible & have greater light intensity. They’ve the capability to soak up sunlight that enters the lenses.

Until recently, execution of LED traffic lamps needed heavy investment in terms of operations, dependability concerns & high expense. But with technological advancement, LED traffic lamps have established to be economical & a viable solution to save power consumption. Traffic signals are needed all through the day. Led traffic lamps are more efficient & save power worth thousands of dollars a year.

Slowly but steadily most of the countries worldwide are taking the initiative of installing LED traffic lights and for good reasons.


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BBM Technology Company Limited was founded in August 2005 in Shenzhen, China. It is a high-tech enterprise devoted to developing, manufacturing and marketing. Which is professional with LED traffic light and Related traffic signal lights modules/cores, traffic light modules, wireless solar traffic light, 200mm traffic light modules Display and related Led Segments.

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