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Shilajit capsules are the best herbal remedies to regain youthful energy and improve stamina in men without any adverse effects.
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jacobmason on Friday, April 21, 2017, 06:27:34, 1 Week Ago, Comments [0]

More than 73 percent of adult men are obese or overweight, or suffer from gastro intestinal diseases. Poor metabolism and gastrointestinal difficulties causes nutrient deficiencies, and this can prevent the body from getting optimum improvement in condition through a diet. In US more than 50 percent of middle aged men are dependent on health supplements and the cost of such supplements is over hundreds of billion dollars. There are a variety of minerals and vitamins which are taken into the dietary factors but it was observed that people, who took such supplements for heart problems or for getting rid of obesity, were unable to benefit from the pills because of a range of factors. For example - some vitamins are fat soluble and are not absorbed into the bloodstream without taking a food rich in fat.

Scientific evidence finds the antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, E or C are not effective in eliminating health issues such as blood pressure or cholesterol. It is the best advised to take supplements through dietary sources. Dietary health supplements or those found in bio available forms enhance health and prevent deficiency. Mainly, a supplement should be rich in antioxidants, have androgen enhancing properties but there should be no side effects. This kind of supplements can be easily availed through herbal remedies to regain youthful energy to improve stamina in men.

The herbs and natural extracts contain a range of bio available compounds which can provide improvement in general body constitution and promote well-being. E.g. Shilajit capsules contain extracts of herbs - latex of plants and humus. These types of extracts collected from mountains of different countries have similar compositions but the ones from Himalayan range are most effective in imparting anti-aging benefits. The studies on the Himalayan extract find its positive influence on brain functions, endocrine and auto immune systems. Its regular intake can activate immunologic cells and the combination of phenolic constituents and the triterpenoids have repairing properties on the stress induced ulcers in the metabolic system to prevent deficiencies. The intake of the herbal remedies to regain youthful energy as provided by Shilajit capsule protects the intestinal lining shedding caused by aging or intake of harsh chemicals or allergic substances.

The bio available components in shilajit can cross the cell membrane barrier and the anti-oxidants have strong defense against free radicals. The pharmacological effects and the psychological impact of the extract are, mainly, due to the presence of DBPs dibenzo alpha pyrones and the DBP chromo proteins, fulvic acids and the polymeric forms of the fulvic acids. Most shilajit contains up to 50 percent of fulvic acid and up to 60 percent of bioactive compounds which has powerful therapeutic properties to improve stamina in men and this tested during clinical trials, which approve the use of the extract for reverse aging.

Herbal remedies to regain youthful energy as provided by the Shilajit capsules if taken for three months regularly can increase the total testosterone levels and free testosterone level in men in the age group 45 to 55, even in men who in the normal course may be undergoing the phase of andropause.

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    1 Week Ago, Friday, April 21, 2017, 06:27:34

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