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Being diagnosed with a chronic disease does not mean that you have been robbed from all the riches of your life. Most people tend to think that way once they have been diagnosed with such a disease.
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AsteratHome on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 08:57:24, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease does not mean that you have been robbed from all the riches of your life. Most people tend to think that way once they have been diagnosed with such a disease. In fact a lot can be done to help people live a better life with such a kind of illness. The most important factor that one should consider in such a situation is a well-planned and well monitored disease management program.

Disease management esentially refers to the concept of integrated care for reducing health care costs and to elevate the quality of care for the affected patient. Disease management programs are undertaken primarily to make quality health care possible by integrating and coordinating diverse services. This coordination also helps in reducing the costs from health complications that can be avoided through timely and effective care coordination.

Disease management is considered to be an effective strategy for improving care for people suffering from chronic conditions. People suffering from chronic complications generally need to avail of more health care services and often, a lack of coordination among these services results in under-optimized medical care, which can aggravate their existing condition. Disease management is a proactive approach with multiple disciplines.

Disease management typically takes under consideration all members suffering from a chronic disease. Key aspects of a disease management program are listed below:

1)    It ventures to provide support for the patient relationship with the provider and care plan.
2)    It improves patient care through preventive measures and timely interventions based on the evidence.
3)    It encourages patient's self-care and self-management.
4)    It provides evaluation of care and health conditions.
5)    It evaluates the treatment and care outcomes in measurable terms.
6)    It alleviates the gross health condition and quality of care, and reduces the cost of care.

Some of the most common chronic diseases and complications that are best managed through disease management programs include:

1)    Diabetes,
2)    Congestive Heart Disorder (CHD),
3)    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
4)    Coronary Artery Disease (CAD),
5)    Asthma,
6)    Hypertension, etc.

Typically, a disease management team consists of a team of healthcare professionals from various disciplines which include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, etc. All these professionals with their varying capacities and expertise assist diseased individuals to manage their health conditions and complications.

People with chronic diseases can, and do, live very long and healthy lives if they manage their illness well. As long as one follows the right diet, one can stay healthy for the rest of their life.

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