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If you have grown up in places where the rains, frequent, you would probably have memories of your rain boots lying in the coat closet.
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muckbootsforman on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 07:51:28, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]

If you have grown up in places where the rains, frequent, you would probably have memories of your rain boots lying in the coat closet, waiting for the rains so that you could put them on and go sloshing in the mud. Indeed, many of us take the rain boots for granted and are unaware of the history that is attached to them. All rain boots are made from rubber, latex or PVC and are designed originally for the Wellington style boots.

Origin of rain boots

The origin of rain boots or women's muck boots can be traced back to the times when the Wellington boots were first invented. It is said that, Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, designed the boots that were knee length or below and were devoid of fancy accessories and adornments. These were originally inspired from the Hessian boots that were prevalent in the eighteenth century, in the nineteenth century the Wellington boots were designed. These were originally designed out of leather, but this material was not found conducive for wearing in the rains. For that reason the boots were then designed out of rubber and latex and latest designs come in PVC.

Use of rain boots

Wellington boots started off to become the practical day wear for workers, soldiers and farmers. These people had to go out there, walking or hiking through forest areas, wet mud and farmlands sloshed in the rain. The material and length of the boots were designed to ensure that the foot and legs were protected while one went about their work.

Diverse designs

Today rain boots have digressed from the original Wellington style as found with Muck Boot Company. They are made from manmade or synthetic equivalent materials, mostly like GORETEX or PVC. The boots are low cut or high cut. They might reach up to the thigh or stay at the ankle. These were originally designed in black or green, but there are bright colors found in modern rain boots. These can be black with green or red soles as well as solid yellow or other bright solid hues as well. Many come with designs or interesting patterns like polka dots or stripes, especially for kids’ boots.

Different functions

The rain boots that originated out of a desire for functional footwear continue to offer protection from snow or mud and other slippery road conditions as of Muck Boot Company. Such boots are used in case of fire fighting situations as well as in industrial sites where waterproof boots are required. These boots help to protect the legs and feet as well as promote dryness and warmth. Hence, many opt for them in wet as well as in cold conditions. They can be combined with different clothing for unique fashion styles as well.

The above points show the way rain boots or women's muck boots have evolved, from quintessential work wear to footwear that is fun to use and can help transform drab clothing and accessories into something fun and bright.


The writer has written many women's muck boots and muck boot company related articles. He also specializes in outfits and accessories.

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