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A typical SCADA system is utilized extensively in oil and gas sector applications where the installations are spread over big areas and the control and monitoring has to be done from remote places.
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sielcosistemi on Thursday, January 12, 2017, 06:53:10, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]

A typical SCADA system is utilized extensively in oil and gas sector applications where the installations are spread over big areas and the control and monitoring has to be done from remote places.  The control unit is designated as SCADA host software platform that uses SCADA software to process data that has been collected from the field instruments.  Communication plays a key role in data acquisition without which the system cannot deliver the desired results. Unless the collected data is transmitted and processed at the control station, decisions related to system control cannot be taken. It is only when the right decisions about process control is taken that it is relayed back to the RTUs to instruct the field equipments to behave accordingly. Thus it establishes a control on the operations of the plant.

The type of control

How the process is controlled by using SCADA system can be understood from the following example. Suppose the operating pressure of a pump suddenly exceeds the specified limit and it stays on for some time. This is a deviation from the set pressure of the process and is immediately captured by the RTU. The transducer converts the analog pressure into digital units and communicates it back to the control unit. As soon as the data reaches the control unit, the monitoring agency immediately takes note of it and sends back a command to the RTU from the remote computer. Acting on the command, the pump can get stopped and re-set the pressure before starting again.

Sticking to the control strategy

The quality of products is dependent on the control of process parameters. Deviations and fluctuations of the process parameters and conditions have to be noted instantly and corrected so that there is no adverse impact on the process. Hence, all process plants devise a strategy for process control. The SCADA system gives shape to the process control strategy by automating the controls so that there is real time reporting of all process conditions. Besides capturing data, the system is equipped to respond to events by sounding alarms that alert operators about deviations. This is the monitoring part of the system while the control is exercised from the SCADA host computer.

Communication is the key

Communication is the key to proper functioning of a SCADA system.  In a process industry like oil and gas or any other similar process plant the installation of equipments and assets are spread far and wide.  Even if operators are provided for controlling these units, often they are inconvenienced due to their inability to take the right decisions about process control. They need to consult some more people for it. Hence there is need for communication among people. The SCADA platform provides the much needed communication route that facilitates precise process monitoring and control.

It has been more than thirty years now that SCADA has become indispensible for the process industry.  From speed monitoring, pressure and temperature monitoring to belt misalignment monitoring all can be done by using SCADA. Its area of application has also widened considerably as other industries have also started availing its benefits.

Hey myself Archer Finch. Even though I took extra care about my systems, but still it was more prone to hacking. With the introduction of the SCADA system, my system is now very much safe from all sorts of threats, as most of the data acquisition are connected to web based portals or products.

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